Arsène von Vaugner

Your Favorite Vampire Dominatrix &
Royal calamity


Known as "Vampire Girlfriend" to the vanilla crowd, Arsène is a DFW-based femdom who is always seeking blood and sugar from kink-minded individuals willing to be her next conquest. Are you ready to become a devoted servant, and pledge your fealty to this Vampire Princess?

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The Fanged Femme Fatale

My name's Arsène--and let's be real. When was the last time you were brought to your knees by a blood-sucker like me?

I love all aspects of kink and roleplay, whether you merely want to experience being tended to by an assertive nurse, babysat by a wine mom, or whipped into submission until you've forgotten how to pronounce my name.

While it is, in the end, your job to serve me--nothing makes me happier than knowing I'm tending to a retainer who enjoys proving their fealty to their royal Vampire Princess.

With Eternal Love,
Arsène von Vaugner

Interested in using me for study, reference, or for an interview (with a vampire)? Use my contact form to get in touch with me. -

Contact Me

I love hearing about how badly you want to serve me. Leave your information and I'll get back to you in my own timely manner.


Thank you

I appreciate everything you do, Mortal.
I will be sure to answer your call as soon as I am able to. But don't hold your breath. You're not as long-lived as I am.
With Eternal Love, Arsène von Vaugner


Arsène offers the following services:

Roleplay Scenarios: Military, Medical, Academic, Petplay, and more.Obedience/Discipline TrainingImpact Play; favorite tools are riding crops, paddles. and canes.Foot fetish/body worshipWatersports & other bodily function playGeneral BDSM practices. Please inquire.Little and Middle babysitting and caretaker services.Degradation/HumiliationFinancial Domination (you MUST send tribute to my cashapp at $vampirearsene with a message regarding this form of domination; you may ONLY use the contact page for following up AFTER a tribute is sent)
....And more. Please inquire and indulge in your desires using my contact form for session pricing.

Interested instead in serving me 'full-time'? You must be located in the DFW area and be willing to adhere to the strict outlines I have for my retainers. Take a look at my servant contract to find out more, and contact me via contact form if you are interested.


Who doesn't like to be gifted nice things? Your Vampire Princess certainly does.

Please feel free to give to me either from my Amazon Wishlist, Email Me an Etsy Gift Card, or use Cash App for that raw $$$, Blood-Bank.

And thank you again, from the bottom of your Princess's heart. And don't forget to let me know who it is, so I can give a proper thanks.


- Where are you located, your Highness?

DFW area in Texas, USA. I am willing to travel.

- Where do you do business, my liege?

Royal Retainers (such as 24/7 servants) are allowed at my place of residence. I take other worshippers outside of my domain.

- Are you really a vampire?

Depends on what you think a vampire is.

- What is the best way to please you, your Excellency?

Communicating with me in a respectful and concise manner. Please tell me what you would like, and do not waste my time. Also, if you really want to get my undivided attention, gifting me something from my Amazon Wishlist or cashapping me a small tribute is the best way to go.

- What are your rates, your Grace?

I provide a professional and memorable service, and thus my prices reflect that. But if you are wanting specifics, that is dependant on what you're wanting in a session. I provide quotes via email.

-What should I say when I fill out the contact form?
Get straight to business. Let me know who you are and what you want, so I can properly greet you and provide details about a session or becoming a Royal Retainer.

-Why do you call your slaves 'Royal Retainers'?
Because I detest the word slave. A slave is forced to serve their Master, but I force no one's hand. My Retainers desire to give total control to me as their Last Act of Free Will. So it's a more fitting word, don't you agree?